Lunch It Punch It

Dear Lunch It Punch It Fans

Dear Lunch It Punch It Fans,

I owe you an explanation.

For the last year or so, I haven’t been writing new content and barely sharing on social media. I decided not to renew the hosting for the site and instead move all the content to instead of deleting it. While my heart may not be into creating new content, I wasn’t about to lose 5 years of content. I’m a hoarder in that respect.


Lunch It Punch It started in 2011 as a challenge among three coworkers who became friends, but soon after two of us changed jobs. The spirit we had for lunch packing was forced to online communication and it just wasn’t the same as our daily interactions.

At the time, I didn’t know how to end a site, it was popularly shared, and I enjoyed having a blog with a different focus. It served as a nice creative outlet and a way to meet new friends.


While I enjoyed and appreciate Lunch It Punch It, it has served its season in my life. I will not be deleting the Facebook or Twitter pages and I will still use #LunchItPunchIt when I post a photo of my packed lunch.

You can still find me online here and as udandi on Facebook, Instgram and Twitter. My new roommate, Vince, is on Instagram and Facebook, too, if you like puppies!

Keep lunch packing and thank you for being a fan,

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