Credit/Debit Card Scam at Kroger gas stations

I just got this email from a friend from when she used her Fifth-Third debit card to get gas at a Kroger in Milford, Ohio on July 12:

I used my debit card to get gas at the Kroger in Milford on Saturday and less than an hour later someone was racking up charges at the Kroger in Ann Arbor Michigan. In less than an hour they tried to spend over a $10000….luckily only the first purchase of $360 cleared and then two additional attempts were declined.

I talked to 5/3’s fraud department and they said it looks like someone within Kroger has set up a “chip” scam. Basically they hook up a chip to the scanner and when you swipe your card it records all the information. Then they simply call the numbers into another Kroger and they take all they can out of your account or off your credit card :-(. It sucks but they cancelled my card and will put the money back in my account within 10 days.

The fraud specialist advised using a credit card, especially at gas stations because they are an easy target for scams like this. The information can still get stolen, but at least that way they aren’t cleaning out your checking account.

I did not ask if she reported the pump she used to that Kroger. In any case, this is rotten news for people who use credit cards to pay at the pump. Not to mention Kroger, who many in this area go to for gas purchases because of the per gallon discounts offered through their credit card or loyalty card programs.

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