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Craft Mates Organizer

At the store, I was checking out the Ezy Snappin’ Organizer from Craft Mates because it is a cool way to keep all your small supplies (beads, buttons, eyelets, etc) in one place with less risk of spilling all the contents at once.

The mega has 28 compartments that fit into a canvas covered, snap-close binder. I like that each compartment can be opened individually unlike other divided plastic storage in which the whole lid opens and all compartments are accessible.

The compartment caddies can be locked or you can remove the lock, which I probablywould do since opening each one in the store (testing) proved to be really tricky and I could see if they had been filled it would have caused beads to fly out everywhere.

The one at Michaels was $14.95 so I would use a 40% off coupon for sure!

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