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Usually if a friend posts to social media that a place is offering a free workout, I’ll go. It doesn’t matter if the reason for hosting the free workout is to fill the gym so they can take promotional photos. I visited CoreStrong in Covington because that reason.


Given my physique decked out in black clothing, I wasn’t worried about being caught in the photos because I figure there will always be a cute blonde in bright gym clothes. Bingo!


As you can see from the photos, the space is warehouse-big with areas dedicated to rowing, TRX, boxing and weight circuits. The owner of coreStrong provides Polar chest straps so you can see your stats on the big board. Since I wear my own


The night I went we all warmed up, took a run around the block, did walking lunges in the street and then were counted off to go to one of four stations. I started with weights, went to boxing, TRX and finished with rowing. The owner walked around providing instruction and encouragement while keeping track of our time. We gathered at the end on the astroturf to do resistance band training.


It was a solid 50-minute workout despite having a photographer walking around taking photos. FoodHussy tells me that each night the workout varies.


812 Russell in Covington
Parking in the lot or on the street

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