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Core Bamboo Utensils

During my childhood, my mom had a few watermelon decorations in our kitchen. Soon watermelons became the thing people associated with my mom and gave her watermelon knick-knacks for birthdays and holidays. The thing is, she’s not a fan of clutter, but she is nice so she felt obligated to keep and display all her watermelon kitsch.

In the few years I’ve written this blog, I’m associated with packed lunches. Friends let me know when they packed lunches, if they’re using a new product they love or found a new recipe. I love it!

Packed lunches aren't boring when you have beautiful Core Bamboo Utensils | LunchItPunchIt.com

I’m a bit like my mom in that I shun clutter, but luckily any lunch packing products I get are useful! This past birthday, my sister gave me a monogrammed lunch bag, friends gave my a lunch pot and salad dressing containers and my brother gave me Core bamboo utensils. while pretty, I cannot say I have used them everyday because I’m in the habit of packing silverware. On days I forget it is great to have backup in my desk drawer and not use single-use plastic throw away.

You cannot put bamboo in the dishwasher, but I don’t mind hand washing. From their website, I found Core makes many other kitchen and home products and seen these products in one of Cincinnati’s local, green shops.

I know in April, increased thought is given to how we can reduce our carbon footprint, when packing lunches or picnics, bamboo is a great alternative to plastic.

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