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Contest: Win a $50k Wedding

I’ve been sick the last couple of days and every morning I try to jazz myself up by listening to the local radio station because the personalities are laughable. They are promoting this $50k wedding for Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky couples (or I guess those who want to have a wedding in this area) to which I say what in the world are you getting for $50,000?!

The web site lists it all.

I wonder how many people that $20k reception covers and what it includes? I’ve been to a wedding at that establishment and while nice it was not over-the-top impressive to me, but then again the neatest reception I attended was on a farm (Hi M!)!

And who knew that a chocolate fountain for 200 people cost $625?

Although I am not engaged or would be interested in such a prize, I am competitive when it comes to contests and wonder if I could wage an online campaign to win a contest like this?! I know a couple of the message boards I read have had members request for other member to consider voting for them in an online contest and have won. I do believe a former coworker lost a contest (a wedding one, no less) by a hair to another couple that had people from a message board voting for them daily.

I should probably get back to resting before I sound too silly.

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