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Cold Brew Iced Coffee at Home

All my life, my parents have been coffee drinkers. I never liked hot coffee, but a couple years ago I started drinking iced coffees because I needed a new way to waste money and a source of ridiculous calories.

No, really it was the result of wanting an afternoon work break outside of my cube and building. Then, I won a gift card from Dunkin Donuts (they’re always having contests on Twitter) and summer 99 cent iced coffees became my drink of choice.

Yes, each job I develop a habit. This site was started after my coworkers and I felt like we were eating out too much and our desire to eat out stemmed from wanting to leave the work environment. Iced Coffee at home

After seeing options for cold brewing at home with cheesecloth that ended up messy, I bought a cold brew coffee pot, some flavored coffee from Target and creamer. Now, I can make my own iced coffee for home or put it in a to-go cup to take to work and enjoy an afternoon break in my car. Iced Coffee at home

I bought the Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker because it makes 1 quart and it is big enough for my hand to reach in to clean unlike the Hario 100ml Brew Coffee Pot

After I brew a pot, I pour it into another pitcher. I brew the grinds a second time and then freeze them as ice cubes. I know some people use a French Press, I don’t know how that works since I don’t own one. I do like that this gives me the option for iced coffee at home and without cluttering up my kitchen counter top.

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