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Clear Wellness | Cincinnati

The one cool thing for me this past year in sharing my desire to work on me, has been the positive response from others.* Assuming it isn’t running, I vowed to say yes when friends offered to share their fitness time with me.

I asked friends to keep me in mind if they knew of free or discount classes at their gyms or studios and it has paid off. I get to spend time with friends, try new classes and enjoy where I am in life.

Along the way, I was introduced to Clear Wellness (East Walnut Hills) and ended up winning a giveaway for five free classes – jackpot!

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Clear Wellness East Walnut Hills Cincinnati |

This studio offers small group fitness classes (4 people) in a mirror-less room with minimal equipment. With small classes, you cannot hide behind another person and phone it in. You will will work for it, you will learn correct form, you will notice muscles you forgot about, you will sweat, you will be happy to have a body that moves.

Clear Wellness East Walnut Hills Cincinnati |

Annie, the owner, knows all her students and introduces the students to each other – I especially like that this sets the tone for welcomed friendliness. I talked to Annie about feeling awkward at other studios that had a clique-y vibe. It takes a lot to get outside of your own head and settle into a workout. I can’t imagine experiencing an off-putting feeling at Clear nor do I think you’ll have exercise anxiety in attending a class alone (walk in with openness and a smile). Despite knowing three others who go, I purposely chose to attend my first class solo so I could tell others through firsthand experience it is completely fine to fly solo. It is.

I’ve been to restorative yoga once, but realize it is something I need more for my back and leg. The MOVE class is mat aerobics mixed with barre ending with yoga set to great music (that’s my description, a friend asked if it was along the lines of Tracy Anderson and after watching a bit, I agree). You might use small hand weights, but your body weight and the ability to move it, is your equipment.

There is one MOVE class that ends with 15 minutes of mediation and I like it because Annie comes around, relaxes your shoulders, shakes your ankles and pulls on your legs. What? Yes, if you have hang-ups about being touched, go to the hour class.

Beyond that, Annie has spent time after class helping me with my back and leg and talking to me about the importance of our feet. That is to say, if you have a question about body alignment or mechanics, she can help.

If you’re looking to try something different, sign up for a class. Or get a group of girlfriends together and schedule your own private class. I know someone will say $15 is too much to spend on a fitness class, but remember that when you drop $20 on dinner or wine.

Disclosure: I would have written this post because I have enjoyed my classes. My friends can tell you, I’ve told them about this studio. Mid-2013, Annie asked me to help her with marketing and social media in exchange for free classes. If you’re active on Facebook or Twitter, please consider following the studio. If you like trying new classes, you should contact me.

*I’m aware there are people who wish I would stop with the fitness/workout chatter/photos/updates/checkins and they’re welcome to unfollow me if it is affecting their every day since I’m not planning to change for them.

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