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Saturday, July 31 Watch This presents the original King Kong on Fountain Square’s giant screen! Round up your friends and family, bring something to sit on, your snacks and get ready to have a great night! Best of all this is free as are all of the Watch This screenings (but they accept donations to help cover the public screening license).

afi1004Watch This is the year-long project of Alex and Allison who were inspired after watching Julie & Julia, in which Julie Powell prepared all of Julia Child’s recipes in one year. Instead of cooking, they are watching The American Film Institute’s 100 Top Movies in one year (about two a week) and sharing the screenings with anyone who wants to join!

As someone who is not a big movie viewer, this has been a great experience because who knew it could be so enjoyable to watch movies with a whole group of people (and I’m not talking about strangers in a theater who turn around and tell you your laugh is too loud)?! Every movie I have attended, I have met someone new or brought someone who is new to the project (ie not on twitter).

If you miss King Kong, make plans to check out one of the remaining forty films. I am a fan of the leather sofas (while others enjoy the free popcorn) at the Cincinnati Athletic Club and they host movies the first Wednesday of the month. Their next movie is West Side Story on August 4. Two big showings will be E.T. on either September 28 or 29 at the 20th Century Theatre and The Wizard of Oz on December 1 at the 20th Century Theatre. Find the schedule of films at the Watch This web site, make your picks and I’ll see you at the movies!

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