Cincinnati: Out of the Darkness Walk

This Sunday, October 14 is the Out of the Dark Walk benefiting American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. It will be held at McMicken Campus at the University of Cincinnati from 10:00am until 1:00pm.

If you’re moved to contribute, my friend, Emily would welcome your donation. She was the top fundraiser last year and was rewarded with an iPad, which she raffled off and donated the money back to AFSP. She has the personality you flock and a warm heart. Shannon’s Butterflies is in honor and memory of her sister, Shannon, who lost her battle with depression on July 8, 2010.

Although I used to always remember Shannon for being at a local grocery store (her job and I ran my mom’s errands) now when I see a butterfly, I think of Shannon and her family. When I was in Florida I saw butterflies everywhere and learned the area was a sanctuary for butterflies migrating from the Northern states to Mexico. I love what they say about Shannon on their team page:

Shannon’s life is not defined by how it ended. She was a bright, loving soul until her illness took her to dark places. She should not be a statistic. We honor her and keep her spirit alive by doing what we can to make sure that what happened to her does not happen to anyone else.

If you’re need of counseling or seeking a therapist because you want to talk to someone outside of your family and friends and you have health insurance, call and see what services are available. Also, your employer might offer EAP or Employee Assistance Program see if that’s an option. If you do not have health insurance, please do not be deterred, some offer services on a sliding scale fee. If you don’t know where to start and don’t want family or friends to know you’re seeking help, call your library. We don’t know you, exactly, and we don’t know if you’re asking because of research for school projects or personal reasons.

Please reach out.

One more thing while relating topics…I was given this book Turning This Thing Around by the author himself. It’s a personal memoir so if you’re looking to read about someone who is going through anxiety, depression and a few other things, you might check out his book. My coworker read it during her breaks and lunch so you’ll zip through it!

Your health is as much about the physical as it is mental, please take care of yourself!

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  1. Tricia @ Take 10
    October 12, 2012 at 8:02 am

    Never thought to advise someone to call the library…good advice! Probably for many topics…

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