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Cincinnati: Christmas Saengerfest

If you enjoyed my Spirit of Christmas tour post and the Shillito Elves display, be sure to mark your calendar for Friday, December 14 and Saturday, December 15 to check out Saengerfest in Cincinnati.

What is it? It is a choral festival taking place at churches and other venues in Over-the-Rhine. It first appeared in 1849 and last appeared in 1952, growing on the popularity of the World Choir Games this summer it hopes to be biggest annual choral festival in the region. 14 Choirs, 40 Performances, holiday market, Moerlein beer and Servatti’s treats. Need anything else to twist your arm?

Free tickets?

I have a 4-pack of tickets for the Saturday, December 15 event ($60 value). If you are interested and able to meet me after the contest ends to pick up the tickets, please enter.

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