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Cincinnati: Busken 10 cent donuts Tuesday

It is not not a deal I will enjoy because as much as I like donuts, if there is a crowd I will not be lining up for a 10-cent donut. But for those who are in the habit of getting a donut and coffee, this deal is for them!

Busken Bakery is noting its 80th birthday by offering a special from bygone days: donuts for a dime.

The special, on Tuesday, July 29, includes one glazed donut and a small cup of coffee per customer, said President Dan Busken.

“We are planning to make close to 1,000 dozen glazed donuts,” Busken said in an e-mail. “Our normal production this time of year is 1,400 dozen a night (this is all varieties of donuts), so Monday night we will probably fry about 2,000 dozen total donuts.”

The promotion limits one small coffee and one glazed donut per customer. Busken is not, for example, offering a dozen for $1.20.

The Cincinnati-based bakery was founded by Joe Busken Sr. in 1928 and has 20 locations in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Source: Cincinnati Business Courier

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