Christmas Decorating!

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At Thanksgiving, my little buddy took the lead in decorating Gramma’s Christmas tree, which was a nice treat for all involved because Gramma got her tree up, it gave girlie something to do and Gramma says she thinks of girlie when she she looks at it.

I am certain mom will feel the same way when she passes her fireplace mantel of Santas – ha! I stood on the stoop and helped arrange them for her. I tied the same stockings we hung as children on the banister. Then, I sat around while mom went through more boxes of decorations deciding what will work in this house since this is the first year for Christmas in this house. It will be fun to see what else she puts together! I am going to take photos and keep them on flickr so my sister can see since I do not think she will be down for a visit and so next year mom remembers where she put stuff!

As for my place, I will unpack my little pink ceramic Christmas tree that Gramma painted years ago. Last year when she thought she was on her last year (she’s dramatic some times) she was unloading stuff so I called dibs on this kitschy little baby pretty much knowing I’d be the only one and it’s all mine now! It probably only will be plugged in for a photo for this blog and if I have guests over 🙂

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