Cheep Eats

cheep eats | family fun magazine While I may only post to this site once or twice a week, I am active on other sites related to Lunch It Punch It.

Friday, I posted this photo to the Facebook fan page, Twitter and my Instagram account then I was asked to share it on the site so people could pin it. Oh yeah, I keep a Lunch It Punch It board on Pinterest.

To make this Cheep Eat as found in Family Fun Magazine, use half an apple removing the core and any seeds. Top it with pineapple slices for feathers, blueberries for eyes, a strawberry comb and dried apricots.

If you want to follow what’s happening on Twitter without having an account, you might like checking out Paper.Li. It appears each afternoon and collects the activity of the Twitter accounts Lunch It Punch It follows and while most are related to food, some are health, wellness and general

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