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Cheap Candy Bars!

I normally avoid the snack machine at work because I view all of them as money drains. I’ve told one daily-soda-drinking coworker that she should put a 12-pack in her locker along with a piggy bank and pay herself 65 cents each time she takes a can instead of paying the vending machine company $1.25 for a bottle of soda. She has not taken me up on the advice…yet! But on occasion, I hit the snack machine for chocolate.

Yesterday, I put in $1 and selected a candy bar and heard the machine dropping back multiple coins and figured it was just paying out in nickels. When I got back to my wallet, I looked and realized I received 90 cents in change. Another coworker confirmed that only that particular candy bar was 10 cents. Because I cannot find a deal and not let others enjoy it, I shared with my coworkers that if they put another dime in the jukebox, er, snack machine and selected D5 they would be able enjoy a deliciously cheap treat! We emptied the D5 slot!

By the end of the day, a concerned customer reported that several people were purchasing one particular candy bar for only 10 cents and he was worried they were ripping off the library. Unfortunately, the library is the loser in the snack machine scheme because “Snack Man” gets to keep the money off the machines while the library pays for the electricity to host them and staff gets to clean up after customers who cannot be bothered to use the trash receptacles.

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