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Chair-ished: Raggedy Andy Rocking Chair

My first chair. I’m not sure if this is the reason I collect chairs, but it is dearly cherished.

As a child, my grandparents bought each grandchild a rocking chair to keep at their house. When we would visit, we would drag those chairs out of the basement and up the stairs.

Each chair fits our personalities. My sister’s was a traditional wood rocker, my brother’s was wood with a little music box on the base so when he rocked it played a tune and mine was Raggedy Andy (get it?)!

Have you even seen such an awesome rocking chair?! And have you ever seen a Raggedy Andy rocking chair? I have yet to meet another person who had one, but I doubt I’m the only one to have something so unique.

Given my gramma, I believe it was a garage sale find and it has had that snag, but otherwise it is in good shape, given its age. Today, it resides at my parents house for my nieces and nephew to enjoy, along with the other two rockers music box and all!

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