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Tiny Prints Offer

by Andi on November 10, 2012

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The latest offer from Tiny Prints is 10 Free Holiday Cards (A $24.00 value!) when you use the promo code HOLIDAYCHEER . This offer ends Tuesday 11/13 at 11:59pm PT. Limitations: Flat cards only – options charges will apply (rounded corners/paper options/envelopes options) and shipping charges will also apply. Regular shipping only costs $5.99 in […]

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FREE CFL bulbs for Duke Energy Customers

by Andi on September 30, 2010

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Thank you to both parents for alerting me to this! If you are a Duke Energy customer you can get a certain number of CFL bulbs FREE by calling 1-800-943-7585. Then enter 1, enter 1, enter your Duke Energy account number, OR the phone number, OR the social security number associated with your Duke Energy […]

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Cincinnati: Watch This

by Andi on July 25, 2010

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Saturday, July 31 Watch This presents the original King Kong on Fountain Square’s giant screen! Round up your friends and family, bring something to sit on, your snacks and get ready to have a great night! Best of all this is free as are all of the Watch This screenings (but they accept donations to […]

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Cincinnati Deal Sites

by Andi on June 30, 2010

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The other day on Twitter I asked how many deal sites do we have in Cincinnati? I like them for restaurants, salons and gyms that are close enough to be worth it (I’m not driving 25 minutes to try to make a class that’s only offered once a week), but some of the deals are […]

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Student & Car Loans = Paid Off!

by Andi on June 21, 2009

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When the University of Dayton graduated me in 1999, my five and ten year goals had little to do with where I would be professionally (which did not bode well for my interviews). I did know that I wanted to continue a debt-free credit card lifestyle, pay off my student loans, buy a new or […]

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Pharmacy Rewards

by Andi on April 8, 2009

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I take prescription medication for the control and treatment of my migraines. When the pharmacies offer incentives to new or transferred prescriptions, I pay attention, because the cost of my ‘scripts even with insurance are a little expensive. In the last few months I have been able to take advantage of: Krogers ($25 on your […]

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Free Stuff: $25 Bonus from ING Direct

by Andi on January 10, 2009

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As people use the self-serve referral links to open their own ING Direct Savings account, I will update them. Details of what you need to do to use a link and score some bonus bucks are listed below. Orange Saving Account has 1.50% ARP: Orange Saving Account self-serve referral Orange Saving Account self-serve referral Orange […]

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