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Canvas Jewelry Holder

jewelrycanvasudandi As I mentioned on my Facebook Fan page this week’s posts have something to do with canvas — it is just a matter of finishing, photographing and posting one of them!

I was looking for a way to hang my necklaces without having to shop for an ornate frame, cut pegboard then spray paint them white and assemble them along with buying the correct hardware. While in my basement using the shop vac (I love that thing) I remembered I had a plain 12×16 artist canvas. I knew I had cup hooks from creating my ribbon holder on my craft storage dresser and if my drill was charged, I could assemble this in 10 minutes. Drill holes into the frame, screw in cup hooks. So easy I can’t call it a tutorial.

I didn’t paint the canvas because I have trouble making something look good instead of junky so I left it plain, which matches the white trim in my room. For now, it is on my dresser propped against the wall because I might move my dresser.

I asked my dad to look for a piece of wood so I can add it in the back and add 5 more hooks so I don’t have to double up. In case you’re wondering, I have some weird reaction that means I cannot wear earrings or watches and though I have a few rings I’m not sure about hanging them. For now, this gets my necklaces off the bedroom doorknob!

Cup Hooks
Additional wood (if you want to add more hooks)

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