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Businesses: Wrap My Car in Your Ad

Scion xB preferred parking

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This past weekend, two friends from twitter recognized my car out and about. Another asked if I was at a certain location and I replied anyone would know my car because of the personalized plate 🙂 This got me thinking and replied half-jokingly on twitter that businesses should advertise on my boxy vehicle. Or I should either sign up with companies that wrap vehicles in advertising.

I drive on two major interstates through four counties in two states logging approximately 250 miles a week just for work! Then, on the weekends (or my days off because as a library employee days off are not always weekends), I can be found driving far east and west of Cincinnati and even Indianapolis, Indiana.

I’m completely serious. I want to remodel my kitchen after I re-do the outdoor deck that had to be removed due to rotting wood, this could jumpstart the kitchen project fund.

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  1. AmyD
    April 27, 2010 at 8:07 am

    i’m feeling the siren call

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