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Burlap Wrapped Planters


When I moved into my house, my mom gave me two planter pots for my porch. They didn’t match and I really didn’t care because I was so excited to be a homeowner!

Three years later, one is far more faded than the other so I decided to fix them. I picked up two yards of burlap ($4/yard) and some sisal rope ($2). I wrapped each pot with a length of burlap and tied the sisal rope over haphazardly, but tight. I used staples in the back to hold the seam. I didn’t do much for the draping figuring wind and rain will rearrange anything I do.

I’m not sure how long they will hold up, but they endured a couple inches of rain last night so that’s a start!

I have purple, yellow and bronze mums planted and I’m working on a simple fall wreath for my door.

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