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Book Review: Dollar Store Décor

Dollar Store Décor : 100 Projects for Lush Living That Won’t Break the Bankby Mark Montano and photography by Jeremy Nelson

I’ve had this on my wish list, which actually just means I’ve been waiting to check it out from the library, not buy it.

Some of the projects are goofier than what I could consider lush, like gluing plastic spoons and forks outward on a plastic clock, but to each her own. Of the projects, the color-block floor mat made of colored scrubber sponges backed with a piece of demin would probably be one I would try (bottom right on the cover). I might try the rag rug turned in toplace mats if I could find appropriate washable ribbon since you cut the rug in half and sew ribbon on top of each piece, near the edges, to keep it from unraveling.

It’s a fun eye-catching book with great photos for each project, but they aren’t exactly 101 different projects. He uses many of the same items in different projects, like color tissue paper, gift bags, rag rug, chopsticks and thumbtacks, which is cool because you can use the same items for so many different things. But he uses different items in similar projects, like a picture frame decorated with chopsticks, clothes pins, colored pencils or dominoes. In fact, one frame he positioned the color pencils pointing out from the center and in another he overlapped the pencils.

It’s rare that a craft-related book really knocks my socks off to the point that I would go out and purchase it after previewing it at the library and this book is no exception. But if nothing else it might inspire me to see dollar store items in a new light!

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