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Bob Harper: Pure Burn Super Strength

Today is the day you change everything.

I’m a fan of workout DVDs so when a friend gave me Bob Harper: Pure Burn Super Strength, I was intrigued. I was challenged. I skip the 20 minute beginner workout and went for the full 66-minute workout. I couldn’t complete it.

If you gotta stop, stop but then come back because we’re not stopping.

I logged how far I got, checked my heart rate monitor and vowed to do more the next day, just as Bob suggests. Eventually, I made it through the whole workout. It was hard. But it is the kind of workout I enjoy, resistance training with cardio conditioning. When I see sweat droplets on the floor, I know my fat is crying.

This is what you’ve got to do to change your body.

You’ve got Bob as a trainer.

Starting with the warmup, there is a clock in the corner that counts down and also lists the exercise. My list may not be accurate, but it gives you an idea of variety and type of moves. Even if you don’t recognize the names, Bob talks you through so while you’re bent over gasping, if you’re listening you know what you need to do. Also, Bob’s demeanor is just enjoyable even if he’s not doing all the work that his three fitness models do.


Squats with weights
Bicep curl to shoulder press
Squats w/ weights
Down & Outs (burpees)
Bicep curl w/ shoulder press
Down & Outs (burpees)
Shoulder presses
Back Rows

Bent over rows (right leg)
Arm Raise Combo (iso arms)
Hold arms out to side
Bent over rows (left leg)
Arm Raise Combo (iso arms)

Lunges passing weight under to work on form
Squat with arm fly
Lunges (other leg)
Lunges passing weight under to work on form
Squat with arm fly (other arm)
Alternating lunges and jump lunges

Bicep Curls
Squat with bicep curls
Tricep Extensions
Skull Crushers (mat)
Chest press
Crunches (various)
Hammer curls on one leg, then switch
Pushing a lunch tray (not the name, but it is something extension)
Squat jumps (weighted)
Chair squat
Skull Crushers (mat)
Chest press
Crunches (various)

Rows in plank
Weighted T-stand
Matrix lunges
Weighted woodchucks (that’s not the name, but I can’t remember)
Matrix lunges
Iso arms
Plank to forearms
Plank hip raises
Plank twists
Plank knee to chest

Cool down

A couple of notes: the weights I use are 3 and 8lbs, although I wish I had 10 or 12lb for certain exercises. The repetition of isometric arms is why I use 3lb weights. I have a lower back issue and I worry doing the weighted t-stand when my body is fatigued will mean I compromise form and injury myself, so I do it without weights. I have hardwood floors so I use a grippy floormat (from IKEA) under my feet when doing planks or pushups otherwise my feet slide back and distract me.

People have asked me how this compares to Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. They have different styles of training, I think it just depends on whose personality, style and workouts you respond to. I like knowing that 7-10 minutes into the work, I’ll hit my target heart rate and then he provides moves to increase and let it rest. If you’re crunched for time, JM might work for you because they’re 30 minutes. Bob offers 20-minute workouts and not all are considered beginner, they’re just shorter versions.

For the cost, his DVDs are worth a look for home workout enthusiasts an are sold at Amazon, Target and his website.

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