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Bob Harper DVD: Bob’s Workout

Looking for a review of Bob Harper’s Workout the fitness DVD?

A couple of months ago, I was on Bob Harper’s website and noticed he had a store. He had several DVDs for $5 and since I really liked Pure Burn Super Strength, I thought maybe I would like some others. I saw ONLINE EXCLUSIVE and thinking I stumbled upon a pot of gold, I better buy this one for fear it will never be available but will soon be the next best DVD everyone is talking about. Fat chance that will happen.

I paid little attention to the title: Bob’s Workout or that it said “Train like a pro-trainer with Bob’s very own challenging workout” which I thought meant we don’t know how else to explain you’re doing another workout created by Bob.

Truth is, this is the workout Bob says he does when he goes into the gym. And I believe it because it is hard and the models have a hard time doing it – Zack in workout 2 upper body is woofing it near the end and Bob is prowling behind him enjoying this. Unfortunately, for those of us who are using weights within our fitness level, we’re left standing around waiting for zack to get a move on. So pay attention to the first run through of exercises something like push-ups, chest press, rows, bicep curls, squats, jump squats because toward the end when Zack is too pooped to move, you can keep going otherwise you’re heart rate will dip.

For this workout, you need a bench for incline push ups and chest press along with medium to heavy dumb bells. I use this seated bench (pushed up to the wall otherwise it slides) and 8 lbs, but for rows, I hold both for a better challenge. Workout 1 is with Stephanie (the Emma Stone look-alike from Pure Burn Super Strength) and focuses on lower body while workout 2 with Zack is upper body. Both are billed as 30-minute workouts, so you can alternate days if you can’t do the whole body, but given that workout 2 lacks tightness in moving through the workout, you can probably do both and hit the skip button when Zack starts to sputter.

As for my HRM time being less than 60 minutes, I did not do the cool downs with the monitor on and in workout 2, I hit the skip button because it was uncomfortable watching that guy hunched over…will he puke? passout? ahhh!

As of the writing of this post, this DVD is not part of the Target 4-pack of Bob Harper fitness DVDs.

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