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Best Steak Ever

In a nod to the cooking method of choice for Memorial Day weekend today I am going to share a recipe for the grill. My Mom called me last night raving about the steak my Dad cooked for their supper. When I stopped by the house this morning to drop off my little boy she was still talking about this steak…

To give you a little background info my parents raise grassfed, no hormone, no antibiotic, beef to eat and sell. Since grassfed beef is leaner than grainfed they have been experiementing with and learning about new ways to cook this type of meat. Apparently they came across the perfect way to cook the steaks at Steamy Kitchen and are never going back…don’t be fooled by the title grassfed is by no means “cheap” but according to my Mom this recipe will produce the best steaks ever!

I have also inculded an email my Mom sent me with some additional instructions and tips…

“Dad used this technique to cook t-bones for supper and they were fabulous. So tender. He grilled them on the charcoal grill. Right before he put them on the grill he did use the Jaccard a little but this recipe doesn’t call for it. We are going to try this with all the cuts of steaks and see how it works. Read all the way through the recipe so you also read the science behind it. He even cooked it between medium and med well. No red juices though.”

Does anyone else cook grassfed beef? Any recipes or tips you can share about how you like to prepare it?

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5 Comment

  1. Kelsee
    May 27, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    Do you have a link to the recipe?!

    1. FM
      May 27, 2011 at 1:11 pm

      Thanks for pointing that out Kelsee! I thought I created the link 🙂 I fixed it in the post and also included it here…


  2. Kelsee
    May 27, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    My mouth is watering! I especially love the illustrations explaining how the salting process works… And I think a certain boyfriend of mine, who geeks out when it comes to the “science” behind cooking, will appreciate this technique too. Can’t wait to try it!!!!!!!!!

    1. Becky
      May 28, 2011 at 5:21 am

      Hey Kelsee,
      After using the salt technique and rinsing it, don’t add additional salt when cooking, it would make it too salty. Also be sure and measure each steak for thickness. If they are too different thicknesses you will have to rinse one off sooner. We always overcooked our steaks and because they were so lean it make them chewy. All recipes say you should not cook lean meat more than medium but I like mine a little more done that than. In this instance we cooked it past medium but not well and it was perfectly tender. Look forward to trying other cuts. Most things I’ve read say to not salt or it will draw out the moister. It does draw out the water but this explains why it doesn’t dry out the meat but still tenderizes it.

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