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BEST: Bacon Egg Spinach Tomato Sandwich | recipe

I used to be a faithful 5:45am spinning class participant. Working out before work energized me for the day, made me feel happy, and gave me time after work to do another type of activity.
Now, if I want to spin, I have to do it after work.

It has been an adjustment. It helps tremendously that I have a spinning bike at home and don’t have to keep to a limited class schedule, but it has resulted in eating dinner later than I’m used to and if I don’t meal prep on the weekends, I’m scrambling during the week.

I wish I had more time and organization, but when I don’t weekend food prep, my go-to dinner is a BEST sandwich – bacon, egg, spinach and tomato. Some prefer the BELT – bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato. Either way you do it, it’s an easy egg white recipe.

Just like everyone needs to personalize their workout activity, you need to personalize your meals to what works best for the nutrition you’re following.

bacon egg spinach tomato sandwich

I’ve taken to using AllWhites® 100% liquid egg whites because it’s 5 grams of protein with less than 1% carbohydrate content, 0 fat, and only 25 calories.

I get the benefit of ending my day with warm food coupled with vegetables while refueling after a workout. I don’t always eat it as a sandwich sometimes it’s more of a scrambled egg on a bed of greens without dressing because the tomato is enough.

bacon egg spinach tomato sandwich

BEST Sandwich Recipe
2 slices of bread, toasted
1-2 slices of tomato
pile of spinach
1/3c AllWhites®

Over low-medium heat, pour AllWhites® into a frying pan and let cook until no longer liquid.
Fold like you would an omelet, fold again.
Remove from heat.
Dress one piece of toast with tomato and spinach.
Add cooked AllWhites®
Top with other slice of toast.
Pair with another vegetable or fruit to serve.

Coach Vince likes to monitor what I eat! He is a BIG fan of eggs so I tend to make an extra serving so he can get them as his training reward, which we work on every night and finish with a bedtime walk.

bacon egg spinach tomato

Even though my workout routine has changed from a few years ago, it still requires a good source of protein to keep me satisfied and moving!

What activity are you using protein to fuel? Leave a comment and you’ll be entered in to win 3 Allwhites product coupons.

bacon egg spinach tomato sandwich

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