avocadoHave you heard that radio ad with the lady telling her coworker about the tuna and avocado sandwich she packed for lunch and then her coworker eats it? The marketing works on me because I was reminded what an easy sandwich that is to make for lunch! Avocados aren’t just for guacamole, you can add them to any sandwich or burger or to jazz up a salad.

According to the California Avocado website, there are thousands of named varieties of avocados there are only a small number of commercial varieties being grown for sale today, the main one being Hass, with Lamb Hass, Fuerte, Bacon, Pinkerton, Gwen, Reed and Zutano.

When it comes to buying an avocado, hold it in the palm of your hand (avoid squeezing with your fingertips). Ripe, ready-to-eat fruit will be firm yet will yield to gentle pressure.

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