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Arthur’s Cafe | Anderson

After nearly 40 years, Arthur’s Cafe in Hyde Park opened a second location in Anderson and it is a nice family option among the many chain offerings on Beechmont Avenue.

For years, I have enjoyed going to Arthur’s Cafe in Hyde Park so I was hesitant about visiting this location for fear it wouldn’t be as good! No need to worry, it is a solid option. Based on only two visits, I thought burger madness, cod sandwich, fries, and cheesesticks our table picked were just as tasty as what I’ve had at HP.

Arthur's Anderson | Cincinnati

Although the building isn’t as cute as Hyde Park, if you’re wondering its a former Perkins with the space divided into three dining areas with ability to move tables to accommodate larger crowds as well as offering booths.

Your best bet is to go on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday and enjoy burger madness where you can build a burger to your likening for a great price!

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