Amy’s Chili-o Recipe

This is a recipe I got from a coworker who brought it in for a potluck. I really like her side of the building because it reminds me of my old place of employment with the potlucks and another coworker bringing in her Vitamix and making stuff for their department.

I don’t have a photo because I didn’t think to take a photo as I was eating this, but if you are looking for another easy chili recipe, give this a try!

1 French’s Chili-O packet (yes, seriously)
1 lb lean ground beef, chicken or turkey
1 (14-16oz) can diced tomatoes, undrained
1 (14-16oz) can red kidney beans, undrained
1 tbs chili powder
1 (3 oz) can of green chiles

Add several cups of water to the pot while it’s simmering if you like runny chili or leave it out if you want thick chili.

If you want to add some texture and more vegetables, add a half can of pumpkin.

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