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Americans’ 10 Biggest Wastes of Money

I am catching up on Bob & Sheri podcasts and they were discussing this article, Americans’ 10 Biggest Wastes of Money from AOL Finance.

New Jersey dental-school student Steven Toth posted a mystery item on eBay last year under the title “The Biggest Waste of Money” and got a high bid of $136 from the last of 36 bidders — for a piece of paper on which he scribbled that phrase.

Seriously?! I would ask what’s wrong with us, but then again we are a country that is smoking $88 billion worth of cigarettes annually along with spending $450 billion at Christmas!

Americans’ 10 Biggest Wastes of Money:
Extravagant weddings
“Premium” coffee-to-go
Expensive option packages on new cars
Sports memorabilia
Impulse Internet buys
Fuel-inefficient vehicles
Fast Food
Christmas shopping

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