Altered: Typewriter Stand

I keep a wishlist of items I hope to find when I’m out thrifting. Other times, my parents happen upon freebies and bring them to me (He buys foreclosed homes and those can be a treasure trove for someone like me!). That is how I acquired this typerwriter stand.

I needed something for the heat press I use for my business.

It was puke green so I taped the wheels and sanded it down to spray paint it yellow. I finished it off by decoupaging some pin-up girls to the top – it adds a little zest!

Except for the spray paint, which I didn’t already have a color I liked or enough of it, I keep these supplies on hand so I can quickly complete a project.

Supplies: sand paper, blue painters tape, 2 cans of spray paint, drop cloth, white school glue*, water and a foam brush

*For decoupaging, a mixture of half water and half white school glue will do the trick

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