I’m always delighted when another likes my stuff. I write this blog because I enjoy sharing. If you find something you fancy (an idea, one photo or snippet of content) and would like to share on your site, please link back to my site with credit (note: the spelling is udandi, not uNdandi.). Also, if you email me or leave a comment (hint!), I can come check it out. Thank you!

Dollar Store Craft – Make a Magnetic Advent Calendar
Threadbanger picked up my magnetic advent calendar from Dollar Store Crafts (but it now a YouTube channel, not a website)
Average Jane Crafter – File under: Instant gratification
Meal By Meal – Financially Crafty
Pink of Perfection – Money Money Money Getting Organized
One Pretty Thing Valentine’s Day Roundup
Party Starters – Valentine’s Day Ideas
Homemade Table Ironing Board
One Pretty Thing Revamp Roundup – Houndstooth Framed Chalkboard

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