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5B 2013 Recap

Saturday, February 16 was the second annual Believers in Better Beer, Bites, and Blogging Conference (or 5B for short) in Cincinnati organized by Carla of Hoperatives to coincide with Cincy Winter Beerfest.

It is an intimate conference with tracks for beer, food and general bloggers so there was something for everyone. In my opinion, the networking is worth the price of admission. While there were familiar faces from last year, we were joined by new local bloggers who were eager to learn, present and mingle.

We started the day with coffee, conversation and lite-hearted donuts from Busken Bakery. At lunch, we walked outside to grab either Cafe de Wheels or Mr. Hanton’s hot dogs and then inside we enjoyed beer, of course!

My first session was Google+ with Lucrecer. We probably could have had the whole day to explore this platform, but instead we have her notes are joined together in a private community to explore together.

Shannan of Scooter Media and Katy of Powers Agency talked about bloggers and PR. They answered the question that has been bothering me, how do I disclose on Twitter and Instagram? They suggested using #sp #spon likewise as PR reps, they use #client to disclose when they’re tweeting about a client.

At the same time was Angie’s session on photography, if you like pretty photos, enjoy her Instagram feed.

Everyone’s favorite girlfriend, Debba, was giving the skinny on Pinterest while enjoying a beer, I along with Tamre of Roundpeg talked about blog fatigue and life and blog balance.

Sessions I didn’t make it to were about breweries and social media, beer reviews, and blog to book. Next year, I might step into a session geared toward beer bloggers just to stretch out a little or to meet those bloggers instead of just waving at lunch.

Check out 5B on Facebook for some photos from the event. You can search the hashtag #5B on Twitter to find some info shared during the sessions. If you attended and you don’t see yourself on list of 5B 2013 attendees, please tweet me at @udandi so I can add you.

Keep your eyes peeled for 5B’s call for proposals in late summer or early fall. If you missed attending, you missed the opportunity to meet the wonderful people behind some awesome blogs. In December, when you see people tweeting about buying Cincy Winter Beerfest VIP tickets before the price jumps, take note of the festival date.

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  • Lucrecer February 25, 2013, 9:04 am

    Nice recap, Andi. I do wish I had gone to some of the beer bloggers sessions. Definitely next year I will be making my way to them. It was a great group of people at the conference and I enjoyed myself.

  • Flower February 1, 2014, 10:39 pm

    That’s a smart way of thnnkiig about it.