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5 Savory Grab and Go Snacks with Less Than 10g of Sugar

All Natural Nutrition Bars from Journey Bar

If you’re looking for 5 savory grab and go snacks with less than 10g of sugar, check out try the unique flavors from Journey Bar:
Sesame Ginger
Pizza Marinara
Coconut Curry
Sea Salt

Journey Bar are very popular among frequent travelers, backpackers and those with diet restrictions such as gluten free or vegan. Like this website, Journey Bars were started by friends who enjoy biking, hiking, backpacking and traveling and wanted a nutrition bar that tasted like real food and less like a candy bar. When they couldn’t find that on the market, they created a savory bar.

In creating their first Journey Bar they drew on the great food they tasted around the world, taking wonderful flavors and creating simple recipes. Journey Bar use wholesome, natural ingredients and blends of herbs and spice to create unique flavors, but they don’t contain loads of sugar.

You can buy Journey Bars from their website and when spend $35 enjoy

Journey Bar real food energy that won't let you down

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