23 Things Learn & Play @ CML

23 Things Learn & Play @ CML is a Columbus Metro Library’s blog for encouraging its staff to learn about Web 2.0 technology. The University of Kentucky Libraries created a similar program, called Blue 2.0 (cheers! to the winner who I attended grad school with and is a reader of this blog).

I point out these two programs because learning about Web 2.0 technologies might be something you are interested in, but are not sure where to begin. You can follow their programs to create your own self-guide one.

When it comes technoloy, people ask how I have learned what I know and it is because I am always teaching myself through books and online resources. I graduated college and wanted to learn HTML, so I tinkered around on geocities, then started looking at the source code in FrontPage while using Lissa Explains It All and W3 Schools. If you want to learn, tinker!

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