1st knitting class

1st attempt at knitting

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A few months ago a local yarn shop offered a Groupon for a beginner knitting class so I decided to give it a whirl.

My attempts at knitting haven’t gone well. I bought a teach yourself to knit kit, asked my dad if he understood the slip knot directions and he didn’t (if an engineer couldn’t get it, I didn’t feel so bad). Then, I checked out a DVD and was so overwhelmed I returned it.

An hour into this class and it wasn’t looking much better unless you consider casting on a feat. In terms of the project (a pot holder to be felted) I nearly gave up and sat with the frustrated 8 year old who was petting the store cat, but since I don’t like cats I decided to keep trying, but something wasn’t clicking. Not to mention there were a few pushy women who kept interrupting the instructor when it was my turn for her to stop and see how I was doing. I’m sure they consider themselves assertive, but I don’t. Ladies, don’t be a pushy, impatient person – not at the library, the burrito palace or in knitting class, it’s unbecoming.

With only a few minutes left of class I decided to try to compliment everyone out of class so I could have 10 minutes of lone instruction time. Proved to be my best move and though my photo looks like nothing, I’m knitting! And I’ll probably need about 6 more classes, but I think I can do it this time. Maybe I can talk my friend Navy M into teaching me via Skype?!

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